Corporate Social Responsibility Philosophy & System”

Corporate Social Responsibility Philosophy & System”

For Kia Motors, CSR is not merely a facet of our business; it is a core value and a driving force that encompasses the full range of who we are and what we do—from our corporate philosophy and policies to our mid- to long-term business strategies.
Through socially responsible management, Kia Motors aims to delineate our vision and role vis-à-vis our employees,
partner companies, shareholders, customers, local communities and humanity at large.
We strive to faithfully carry out our responsibilities to the economy, society and future generations.

“ Advanced CSR Global Leader “

  • Enhance competitive edge through environmental management

    Manage environmental risks
    Set up green production system
    Establish response system to Global
    environmental regulations

  • Organize system for “green growth”

    Develop eco-friendly vehicles
    Cut greenhouse gas emissions
    Respond to “green growth” laws
    And Regulations

  • Set up resource circulation system

    Cut waste
    Recycle waste
    Reduce water use

  • Launch innovative corporate culture

    Foster new labor-management culture
    Promote organizational management
    Provide employment opportunities

  • Nurture innovative, independent SMEs

    Strengthen core competencies
    Enhance basis of management stability
    Bolster global response system

  • Practice ethical management

    Establish ethical management framework
    Promote transparent corporate culture
    Strengthen ethical management system

CSR Activities

April 2008 - May 2008 - April 2009 - 2011

In April 2008, Kia Motors officially declared our commitment to socially responsible management. We systematized our ongoing CSR efforts, designating Transparency, environmental management and social outreach as core objectives and establishing the enterprise-wide Corporate Social Responsibility Committee. In April 2009, we declared the “Social Responsibility Charter,” which outlines our vision and role vis-à-vis our stakeholders. The purpose of the charter is to detail the CSR future we envision and to propose the general direction of our CSR efforts. In 2011, Kia Motors plans to lay the groundwork for “Corporate Social Responsibility Vision 2020”. “CRSV 2020” will be a detailed proposal concerning our approach to the prospects of climate change.

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